In 1912, in the town of Pimienta, Honduras, Mr. Jacobo K. Jaar started a general merchandise store, considered at the time among the first ranking in the commercial business. He imported products from the U. S. , Europe and Asia.

Mr. Jacobo K. Jaar, who spoke four languages, took care of the store together with his wife and son and was known as an honest courteous and fair businessman. He had a solid financial base and kept an excellent credit with both, local and foreign mercantile elements.

In 1920 his son Mr. Emilio J. Jaar, who was born in 1903, worked side by side with his father Mr. Jacobo K. Jaar. He taught his son the right way to solve business problems but above all he taught him family values.

In 1930 they moved commercial operations to Potrerillos and started land transportation of general merchandise from Potrerillos to Tegucigalpa and back through Comayagua, La Paz and El Rosario. He also supplied a lot of products from the southern Honduran town of Choluteca to the Tela Railroad Company in La Lima.

The transportation business grew and became solid, thus in 1940 there was a need to add more trucks to the commercial activities. These activities continued to be successful .

In 1947, He moved and established the headquarters for his operations to San Pedro Sula, most prosperous city of the country at that time.

Later it was decided to change from transportation activities to commercial trucks sales as well as parts and accessories. This is how CASA JAAR is established as a commercial name.

By then the name was well known all over the country, enjoying a good reputation due to its honesty and fair dealing. It can be said that CASA JAAR is one of the pioneer companies in the country in the transportation field.

And for the purpose of commercial trucks sales, CASA JAAR started the exclusive distribution of the MACK trucks, made in the U. S. A. and after that the distribution of Diamond T trucks, adding more options to its clientele.

Continuing with its commercial trucks sales activities, and always looking for competition in all aspects, in 1950, CASA JAAR starts to distribute BORGWARD trucks and LILAC motorcycles from Germany, as well as TRIUMPH motorcycles from England. During this decade CASA JAAR achieves more exclusive distributions such as the STUDEBAKER cars and trucks from the U. S. A, and TRATRA, PRAGA and SKODA from Czechoslovakia.

Towards the end of the 50’s a new branch of CASA JAAR was established in Comayaguevans, pick-y had found what its s la in order to cover the commercial activities in the center and south of the country.

Other products related to the sale of commercial trucks such as Motor Oil, batteries, shock absorber, loading accessories, tools, industrial equipment, etc. as well as parts were added to the main lines of CASA JAAR . And to continue on the truck business, CASA JAAR comes into terms and agreements with General Motors to distribute GMC trucks in Honduras.

In view of the need of other truck models that could be used on the Honduran roads, taking into account severe conditions, mud, water, rocks, and high mountains as well as competitive prices for customers, in 1959 CASA JAAR established contact with ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED of Japan and reached agreements to sell and distribute ISUZU trucks and the complete line of automobiles and commercial vehicles in Honduras.

The company had found what its what its executives were looking for a long time and that was a complete line of automobiles and commercial vehicles:

Mini vans, pick-up trucks, automobiles and the complete line of trucks with diesel as well as gasoline engines.

The legal establishment of EMILIO J. JAAR Y Cia. S. De R. L. With the commercial name of CASA JAAR , concentrates on the sale of ISUZU vehicles.

Thus, the first ISUZU vehicle, an ELF mini-van was imported. Later other models arrived and were very successful.

In 1963 the first Japanese diesel sedans arrived. The ISUZU BELLEL becomes the first vehicle of the kind to be driven on the streets and roads in the country.

Other models of ISUZU were introduced in 1964, such as the BELLETT, FLORIAN, TX, TD, and in 1968 both the first ISUZU, WASP, trucks with gasoline engine and ELFIN the diesel 2.ton, pick-up truck arrived.

By adding all the ISUZU products to the CASA JAAR activities, as well as parts and the complete line of vehicles, the relationship was solidified with trust and mutual respect. Since then, joint cooperation and effort have been a goal in order to maintain the high name of ISUZU and its products in Honduras.

In 1972 the KB Pick-Up truck is introduced in both diesel and gasoline versions. Also the ISUZU FLORIAN and double-wheel ELF diesel trucks are introduced. The C221 and C240 engines become the most popular due to their high efficiency.

In 1973 the first ISUZU FORWARD trucks, the SBR 380, arrived. By 1975 the FORWARD and ELF trucks are very popular in Honduras. In 1980 the diesel tourisms GEMINI and I-MARK make their debut in the national market.

The ISUZU KB Pick-Up trucks arrive in 1985 and become very popular due to their economical and powerful C-190 diesel engines. In the same year the NPR trucks are introduced.

From 1988 to 1989 the new direct injection diesel engine Pick-Up trucks arrive in the country.

In 1992 the new ISUZU TROOPER and the series of KB crew cab, single and space cab arrive in the national market. In 1996 the new Pick-Up trucks with turbo diesel engines 2.8 L and the ISUZU RODEO are introduced.

And in the year 2000, the new ISUZU models the HI-LANDER Crosswind, Rodeo Sport and VEHI-CROSS are presented.

New goals are set for the coming new century, just as fast changes are required in the transportation business in view of more competition, high technology and other needs in the market.

The close cooperation for the future of CASA JAAR and ISUZU in Honduras has been established looking towards a bright future together in a world of peace, harmony and mutual cooperation among all nations.

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